Lower your Blood Pressure with Acupuncture

A recent University of California-Irvine study demonstrated that select acu-points can noticeably reduce hypertension and reduce strokes and heart disease risks. The study found that 70% of patients in the study had systolic pressure reduction averaging 6-8mmHG and diastolic reductions averaging 4mmHg for over a month after acupuncture. There were also significant reduction in blood levels of norepinephrine, which constricts blood vessels, thus showing acupuncture as a positive factor in reducing risk of heart disease.

If you would like to try acupuncture, call our clinic at 602-274-1878. We can work with your cardiologist as part of your healthcare team! http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/acu.2015.1106

Li Peng, Tjen-A-Looi Stephanie C., Cheng Ling, Liu Dongmei, Painovich Jeannette, Vinjamury Sivarama, and Longhurst John C.. Medical Acupuncture. August 2015, 27(4): 253-266. doi:10.1089/acu.2015.1106.