Seize the DN advantage: Enhance your Trigger Point Therapy skills

Seize the DN advantage: Enhance your Trigger Point Therapy skills

Grow your practice by building a more comprehensive knowledge and treatment base

As you know, PIHMA has been a fierce advocate for public safety and having adequate training in needling. Acupuncturists need to take the lead in any form of invasive needling. This very affordable workshop (7.5 CEUs) targets this area of Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy and prepares Acupuncturists to be competitive in this area.

Gain this competitive advantage by becoming even more knowledgeable and comprehensive using this style of practice. PIHMA is excited to welcome guest instructor and PIHMA Alumnus Adrian Hillyer, L.Ac., who is teaching this approach to acupuncture students at Bastyr so they can take the lead in this perceived form of practice.

This course helps Acupuncturists focus on “trigger point therapy” language and related techniques to not only relate more effectively to a western medical audience but to also ensure and demonstrate it is delivered with greater safety and expertise based on the acupuncturist’s extensive background and training. As experts in needling, Acupuncturists need to develop diverse ways of presenting their craft to be more compatible
in the growing market.

Attendees will better understand how and why this trend has developed, and how to ensure public safety by reviewing “dry needling approaches”, their dangers and their diverse techniques.

$75 for students, $100 for L.Ac.s
7.5 CEUs given for this class

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Saturday, July 15th,
8:00am to 5:30pm
Explore Tools, Techniques & Approaches – Gain a Competitive Advantage

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