Acupressure for Pets Course – Open to Public

Acupressure for Pets Course – Open to Public

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

Join us for an evening in which we will explore tools and techniques to help your pet feel better. Traditional Asian medical acupressure points have and continue to be used on dogs, cats, and even horses. Show your furry four legged friend the love and affection that they deserve. Acupressure can be used for anxiety, pain relief, and more.


1) How animals respond to acupressure

2) Basic acupressure points and techniques to use on your pets

3) Learn a sample acupressure treatment

Space is Limited. Click here to reserve your seat today.

Trish Manes studied both Acupuncture at PIHMA and Equine Science at Scottsdale Community College. With her business, the Balanced Horse and Dog, she successfully helps animals with Animal Acupressure. She is an Equine Acupressurist, Equine Massage Therapist and Canine Acupressurist.