How will you heal the world?

How will you heal the world?

PIHMA is now enrolling for 2019 for our new Doctoral programs, as well as our Masters degrees. With several paths to meet your personal goals and needs, we would like to help you answer your question of how you can have an impact on the world.

Each on of us has a vision for our lives. This vision may involve working within the community treating under-served individuals in need; it may be an imagined dream job of working together in an integrative medical team treating patients; or it may be building a private practice that gives the flexibility of free time, family life, and personal growth.

Each one of these potential futures are within your reach. And the four degree options now offered by PIHMA can be integral tools in helping you accomplish your goals.

Will you be a Doctor of Acupuncture, perhaps with a specialization in Herbal Medicine? 

Will you get your Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine?

Perhaps focus your studies on a deeper understanding of the way of the needle with our Master of Science in Acupuncture?

Or, maybe you are already a practicing acupuncturist looking for the next step to take in your professional development…hint: a Doctoral degree may be within your easy grasp.

These are all available to you, in this moment. Your vision is within your grasp. Contact one of PIHMA’s Admissions Representatives to discuss which pathway might best suit you.

PIHMA Admissions, 602-274-1885