Qi Gong starts March 6th (Wednesdays only)

Master Jinheng Li 李金恒 is dedicated to promote and practice Qi Gong as traditional and contemporary Chinese Martial Arts for health, fitness and wellness in modern society. Master Jinheng Li began his martial arts training at age 11, when he was selected to attend the prestigious Beijing Sports School, alongside teammate and friend, Jet Li. He is internationally known for his skill with the Rope Dart. In addition, Master Li is former Senior Beijing Wushu Team Member and coach in Beijing, People's Republic of China, Founder and Head Instructor of the World Martial Arts Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Director of World Martial Arts Grand Championship & Festival in Arizona, USA, Beijing Wushu Flexible Weapons Gold Medalist, United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame and Former Tai Chi instructor at AZ state University. He is currently a student at PIHMA.

March 6, 2019
6:30p to 8p
$250.00 $195.00


301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Ste A-230, Phoenix AZ 85012   View map


Public Classes

This class is offered Wednesdays only starting March 6th. Sign up now space is limited.

Introduction to basic Qigong techniques. It provides the foundation to learn how to access and direct the flow of qi using breath, simple exercises, and meditation.

Learn the qigong benefits of internal practice:
  • Improved Function of the Internal Organs. …
  • Muscular and Joint Health. …
  • Prevents and Heals Injuries. …
  • Improved Vascular Function. …
  • Suitable for the Seriously Ill, Elderly, and the Physically Hindered. …
  • Stress Relief. …
  • Improved Sleep. …
  • Makes You Fit.

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