What if I haven’t taken the co-requisite courses before applying to PIHMA?
It is not uncommon for a student to be missing co-requisite courses. You can be accepted on a ”conditional” basis which will allow you one year to complete the co-requisite courses.

Can I transfer classes to PIHMA?
PIHMA accepts transfer students. Students with a background in health care, biomedical sciences and related fields (as well as those who have started at another accredited AOM College and wish to move to Phoenix) may be eligible to transfer in academic coursework thereby reducing the duration of the program.

Am I required to pay a set semester tuition rate?
Students pay only for the classes they attend each semester. This allows PIHMA students to tailor their class schedule according to their individual financial needs.

Can I keep my day job while completing the program?
Yes! PIHMA’s class schedule is designed for the working adult. Classes are held every other weekend plus 1 or 2 nights during the week. This allows most students the ability to continue their current line of work throughout their studies in the program thereby reducing the financial investment even further.

Can I take a tour of the campus?
Yes! We encourage you to tour the campus and experience our student acupuncture clinic. Call an admissions representative at 602.274.1885 x111 to set up a time that works best for you.

What is the difference between the Acupuncture program and the Oriental medicine program?
The two degree programs are foundationally similar, however, the Oriental medicine program includes the study of Chinese herbology. Both programs are identical in curriculum for the first 3 semesters giving you time to decide which program is best for you.

On a practical level, some states may require the study of Chinese herbs for licensure. If this is the case in the state you plan to practice in, PIHMA recommends you apply for the MSOM degree program.

To find information on state requirements visit: http://www.nccaom.org/applicants/state_data/State_sheet.htm

Where can I find information on program costs, completion and placement rates, median debt incurred, etc.?

Information on each program can be found on the following pages:

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Master of Science in Acupuncture

Is PIHMA approved for Veteran’s?
Yes! PIHMA is approved for veterans. Please click here for information on your benefits and to apply for aid today: www.gibill.va.gov