Welcome Alumni!

You are an integral part of the PIHMA community and hold the unique distinction of being graduates in the dynamic field of Asian medicine. In August of 2011 we launched the PIHMA Alumni Network with the purpose to support our graduates by building a foundation from which you can draw ideas, continuing education and kinship from your fellow graduates. We want to build a relationship that fosters your growth as a successful practitioner.

Joining the PIHMA Alumni Network is free! The only requirement is for you to be a graduate of PIHMA and to fill out the online Membership Application.

We use the application to create and update your profile on our Find an Alumni page (if you select this option), otherwise the information is collected only in the context for the Alumni Network.

Consider joining the PIHMA Alumni Network Facebook group and get involved in the dialogue and learn of upcoming events. This is the most current and immediate way to be a part of the evolution of the PIHMA Alumni Network with your peers. Feel free to post questions, ask for feedback, or advertise your services within this closed group.

Benefits of joining the PIHMA Alumni Network include:

1) 25% off patent herbs/tincture/liniments at PIHMA
2) Free National Library of Traditional Medicine membership to check out books
3) Your listing on PIHMA’s website of your practice or place of employment
4) Discounted (or free) attendance (some speakers may incur a small cost) at seminars, case discussions and mixers.

For more information contact the PIHMA Alumni Coordinator at pfarquharson@pihma.edu.


The PIHMA Alumni Network offers resources to PIHMA alumni including career opportunities, spaces for rent, products for sale, and more. Learn more.