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The field of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine AOM continues to be one of the fastest growing healthcare fields. PIHMA’s Masters degree programs prepare students for future practice in this field.

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Whether chronic or acute, the PIHMA Clinic is prepared to meet your healthcare needs. Professional practitioners and Supervised Students are available to craft the care you deserve and assist you in your wellness needs.

Continuing Education

PIHMA’s Center for Professional Education & Development is a premier educator offering continuing education and professional development for Acupuncturists and other allied health professionals. Explore the variety of programs that can be tailored to your lifestyle and level of interest.

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Continuing Education


Surrounded by the Sonoran Desert, an ecological habitat unique in the world, Phoenix is a destination spot that has become globally known for its growing  Integrative Health and Wellness community, as well as a vibrant arts and restaurant culture.

Despite being a literal desert, Phoenix is truly a wonderful place to nourish your life, start a new path, and build your future. Learn more below.

Why Choose Us

Flexible Schedule to Accommodate Your Life

One of the stand out things that makes PIHMA unique amongst AOM schools, is the flexibility that we have worked hard to build into our programs.  Specifically, your ability to build a schedule of study that puts you firmly on the road to your future life, while enabling you the time to support your family, work life, and personal life.

Classes on alternating weekends, some evenings, and clinic schedules across day/night times.  Build your schedule towards the future you as you continue to take care of the important things at home.

The Growing Field of Acupuncture

Nearly twenty-five years since the founding of PIHMA, as we look at the prospects for our future students, we continue to be excited. The field of acupuncture continues to be one of the fastest growing health and wellness fields.

Each year, graduates from PIHMA and other institutions go out into the world and bring new members of our social communities into the health and wellness benefits afforded by AOM treatment and choice.

Other Allied Health professions have noticed the efficacy of acupuncture as well.  Physical Therapists, Nurses, M.D.’s, and Naturopaths are among the list of professions that acknowledge how powerful the medicine is and increasingly integrating it into healthcare plans for their patients.  And the more they learn, the more they want to learn. To the point that many choose to return to school to build upon the basics to which they have been exposed, and to complete their educations in AOM.

The future is truly exciting as we see AOM grow in popularity, and with it the need for Licensed Acupuncturists.

The Opportunity to Make Your Own Life

How do you define success?  This is a question we often ask as we are shepherd students along a path towards their new lives.

A degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Licensure as an Acupuncturist that follows, opens up a wide variety of paths.  You are at a nexus point from which many future lives are spread out before you.  Which one (or ones) you choose to create depends on your answer to the above question.

Be your own boss or work in a hospital setting.  Live a simple life or make six figures. Teach. Facilitate. Build community. Focus on your family while seeing patients part time.  These are just a small cross section of ideas you may choose as you make your own life. And there are so much more.

Be Your Own Boss or Work in Integrated Teams

The life of a practicing Licensed Acupuncturist can take many shapes. Many graduates bring the patient relationships they have cultivated during their clinical training and spin that directly into their own private practice. A space in which they can ‘be their own boss’, work a schedule that suits them, and develop a treatment philosophy and approach that embodies their personality.

Other graduates find positions working in hospitals, clinics of specialization, community treatment centers, or even wellness facilities.  These kinds of positions are differently stimulating as they present the opportunity for an Acupuncturist to work engage with other Allied Health professionals in an integrated setting, to focus on delivery of care to specific populations in need, or to address the all important, all to often neglected, area of taking care of the body before it gets sick–wellness care.

What is your passion?  How will you create your own adventure?


Request more information today. This could be your first step on a path towards a new, brilliant life.

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Whether your goal is to build a practice to treat patients or simply to be prepared to care for your family, there is a place for you here.