Autumn Author Series: “From Cancer to Flourishing”

Autumn Author Series: “From Cancer to Flourishing”

The Foundation for PIHMA Research & Education and the National Library of Traditional Medicine are proud to present the next Autumn Author Series and Fundraiser:
“From Cancer to Flourishing”presented by Cristina Whitehawk

Friday, October 25th, 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Tickets: $25 for entry (includes 1 free copy of book) $30 for 2 people (includes 1 free copy of book) Buy book in advance at and bring for Free entry to event Library will be open to all for Silent Auction/RaffleFree Auricular Acupuncture for all attendees

This Halloween, face your fears!  Scared of Cancer or the Flu? We’ve Got you Covered!

Halloween is known for scary movies, costumes and themes…but what is the common theme? Fear of dying! And in the healthcare field, we are often faced with fear of death from cancer or even just getting sick from the flu. How can we address that fear? By turning it around!
This Halloween, face your fear and come to our Author Event and Fundraiser Open House featuring a woman who faced her fear and lived to tell the tale. She did it not by fighting the disease but by partnering with and transforming it. Using approaches that are relevant for both prevention and healing, Cristina Whitehawk has information you won’t want to miss!
The Foundation for PIHMA Research & Education ( and the National Library of Traditional Medicine ( are hosting their annual fundraiser Author’s Series Event.  This year we are excited to have author Cristina Whitehawk to speak about her books:

  • My Ticket to Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing
  • Companion Workbook Heart of Courage: Solutions for Undoing What Fear Created

These books are ideal selections for one’s list of life readings as it is a wonderful example and primer on how to overcome cancer and how to actually transform it by changing how we view it. Powerful, magical stuff… come be inspired, educated and empowered!

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Event include:
  Live presentation/book signing by Author Cristina Whitehawk   Teas, remedies and herbs for healthy living   Free auricular acupuncture for stress (the number one cause of disease and weakened immune system that makes us susceptible to flu and cancer)    Open house at the National Library of Traditional Medicine hosting silent auction and raffle of great prizes

Cristina Whitehawk, Author and Speaker Stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer Survivor and Transformer
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