Mayo Clinic – Research Shows Qi Gong Can Relieve Pain

Mayo Clinic – Research Shows Qi Gong Can Relieve Pain

Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung and pronounced chee-gong,) means “energy work.” It is both an art and science that uses breathing techniques, gentle, almost dance like movements, and meditation to clear, strengthen, and circulate the Qi (energy) in your body. It is a powerful system of healing developed in China that is finding its way into the U.S.

Qi Gong can assist to improve your balance, coordination, propreoception, breathing, mental focus, and small movements

Qigong focuses on repetitive movements and attention to breathing. This allows the body’s relaxation response to trigger and with it a slower heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and drops in adrenaline and cortisol levels. Qigong practice can lead to better health and vitality and increased health and wellness.

The Mayo clinic announced the results of two studies which showed that this ancient practice can alleviate chronic pain.

Two research studies, one by researchers from the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, have found that the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong can help patients’ chronic pain.

“Subjects with chronic pain who received External Qigong experienced reduction in pain intensity following each Qigong treatment. This is especially impressive given the long duration of pain (>5 years), in the majority of subjects,” writes the study’s lead author, Ann Vincent, MD, MBBS, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.

Seventy million Americans suffer with chronic pain everyday and as the doctors noted in their study, “Adequate clinical management of chronic pain is an on going challenge and a purely pharmaceutical approach has proven inadequate.”

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Curious about learning or experiencing Qi Gong here in Phoenix?

PIHMA’s very own, Dr. Ioannis Solos, Ph.D., M.D. (China), is launching a Qi Gong clinic this month. Starting June 17th, members of the community will have the opportunity to have a consultation with Dr. Solos, followed by guided movement session featuring those Qi Gong exercises indicated for the patients’ health condition(s).

This is truly an exciting new offering in our Clinic and on Campus.

Coming later in 2020, PIHMA students and Licensed Acupuncturists will have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Solos these forms of assessment and movement based wellness restoration.

For more information, call our Front Desk, 602-274-1885.