An Update from PIHMA President, Catherine Niemiec

An Update from PIHMA President, Catherine Niemiec

Dear PIHMA Community,

The recent announcement by Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey acknowledges the volatile nature of the Covid-19 virus, and the devastating impact it is having on our state and its communities. His recent orders regarding large gathering-type businesses does not directly affect us, and the order about the starting date of schools being pushed back to August 17 is directed to public and charter K-12 grade and high schools. Nonetheless, we are given the opportunity to pause and reflect on how we are managing this unusual time and situation. 

PIHMA is still moving forward in its mission and goal of creating Acupuncturists who will go out into the world and heal others, keeping people well, and saving lives with this amazing medicine. At this time, we are able to teach most of our classes online, and with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety precautions, we are able to operate some limited practicum classes and clinic, helping others as we are able, given the Coronavirus limitations. While we are delaying some of the hands-on practical training and much of the clinical training, or finding unique and adaptive ways to teach the material and skills, please know it is indeed our goal to ensure that all of your learning takes place, whether now or a bit further down the line.  We realize that the learning process may not be ideal at this time, yet keep in mind that one of the strengths of our medicine is its adaptability to function in any situation that arises. So indeed now, we get to practice and build this strength. Remember also, that it is the job of the Acupuncturist to provide to one’s patient the gift of hope, compassion, a vision of the pathway towards balance, and the lesson of patience in getting there. We can remind ourselves, as we would for our patients, of these gifts and the importance of being grateful for the positive changes along the way.

Thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and trust in us to guide you and the college.  This is one of the most opportune times to demonstrate the strength and effectiveness of our medicine, and how we care for others. Let us work with each other, our families, friends, and the public to stay healthy and learn…whether we are limited or empowered by phone, ZOOM, or safely in person. Our energetic medicines and healing can transcend these limitations and do good work. 

Please exercise utmost safety as you move about in public, show respect and care for others via social distancing and masks, and ensure you get enough rest, healthy foods, positive thoughts, and sunshine/vitamin D. Please support yourselves with the herbs and remedies from our medicinary. Learn much in your classes and clinic about how to apply this medicine, and be ready. The time will come when we can move forward more freely and confidently, when the serious threat has passed, and we can be an even greater part of picking up the pieces of people’s lives and restoring our society to health and balance. 

As always, we are here for you even if we do not see you often. We miss you and look forward to when we can safely and happily congregate. Until then, know that the spirit of PIHMA permeates every ZOOM session, email and unseen wishes of well-being sent your way. 

On behalf of everyone at PIHMA, wishing you peace of mind and health,

President, Catherine Niemiec, JD, L.Ac.

Catherine Niemiec, JD, L.Ac.