Feng Shui: What Does 2021 Have Planned for Us?

What Does 2021 Have Planned for Us?

After a crazy, and unexpected 2020, it might be nice to know a little bit of what to expect in 2021. It is the Lunar Year of the Ox, and according to the Chinese zodiac, it will be a year of luck, and a great time to focus on friendships and romantic relationships. Because the Ox is very hardworking and methodical, 2021 will be a year where work will be rewarded.


2021’s Plan for Relationships:

This year new alliances and friendships will be made. Even old enemies may come together for the common good, although these alliances will be short-lived. Unfortunately, you will see many betrayals and cheating this year, especially for those in leadership or the patriarchs of the family. These betrayals can be in friendships, business, and marriages.


2021’s Plan for Work and Business:

2021 will be a year of many surprises and the potential for big rewards if you catch the right timing. Big wealth can come to those who get their timing right. You must focus on the tasks at hand and not allow your feelings or emotions to get the better of you. The year of the Ox indicates that hard work, perseverance, and a little luck will pay off.  2021 is a year that lacks energy growth, however, there will be ample resources to help companies recover from the aftermath of 2020. Businesses will find it difficult to expand. It is best to focus on recovery.


2021’s Flying Stars:

The Flying Star chart indicates the changing flow of positive and negative energies for each year as the stars shift their location, thereby affecting the directions coming towards a house or business differently than last year. Review the flying star chart and add feng shui enhancements to be better protected from the negative energies and to attract the positive energies of the year. Many of these traditional Asian symbols listed below can be chosen, crafted, or similarly substituted based on your personal preferences. The key is to have something symbolic that will set the intent for healing, prosperity, and protection, and also remind you of that frequently when you are in the room. Our thoughts have energy and repeated thoughts can create or attract. So these symbolic reminders can indeed influence! Join the many people and businesses around the world who take note of these aspects to more positively navigate through the year.

Here is what each section means:

  • #5 Yellow Star in the Northwest

The 5- Yellow star represents 5 types of misfortune (accidents, troubled relationships, lawsuits, robberies, and sickness) to the Southeast this year, bringing danger to the eldest daughter and to people born in the years of the Dragon or Snake. Homes that face the Southwest are afflicted. Keep this area quiet and dim and avoid sitting here if possible. To remedy, display a 5 Element of Pagoda With Tree of Life in the Southeast, or place a combination of water element (glass of water) and metal element (e.g. keys or chimes). Consider a salt water cure.

  • #1 Victory Star in the North

Brings success and luck to people born in the year of the Horse or the middle daughter, and homes facing the South.  One can display a bejeweled Windhorse or banners of victory to enhance, or add water (glass of water or fountain) and metal (music box, keys) to activate.  

  • #3 Quarrelsome Star in the Southwest

This star brings quarrelsome energies into the Southwest. Mothers and those living in homes facing the Southwest will be most affected. To remedy this place pink items (pillow, rug), items representing peace and harmony, or evil eye to block conflict in the Southwest of your home. Reduce noise in this sector.

  • #4 Romance Star in the East

This brings people born in the year of the Rabbit or the eldest son plenty of love and romantic energies. Those who are single or wish to improve their romance and love luck should have a rabbit/moon symbol, or a picture of a pair of mandarin ducks, or a double happiness symbol in this sector. This star also brings intelligence, creativity, and prowess. Students can improve their grades and study luck with a writing brush on the ledge above the door, or symbols of education placed in the East corner. A simple glass of water or 4 water bamboo can work also. The East also has the star of 3 killings (illness, accidents, and lawsuits) so avoid any construction, digging, and renovation on the east side this year. Add symbols of the 3 celestial guardians (PI Yao, Chi Lin, Fu Dog) facing west or a bell or Wu Lou health gourd to neutralize.

  • #6 Heavenly Star in the Center

Is in the center, making it the dominant star for 2021. The Heavenly Star is associated with positive things, unexpected wealth, and attracting the celestial luck of the heavens. You should expect mentorship and opportunities from the heavens, this year. Keep the center of your home clean to enhance these energies. You may also want to put a symbol of a water dragon or a glass of water to symbolize good fortune, or 8 white pebbles to strengthen the earth element in the area.

  • #8 Prosperity Star in the West

Is in the West this year, bringing excellent wealth and luck to those born in the years of the Rooster, the youngest daughter, as well as residents in homes facing the West. Try to spend more time in the West part of your home. To bring luck into the workplace consider a “wealth tree” or  Wealth Ox/Bull in the west, or a money symbol on your desk (such as a wealth bull, 3-legged money frog, treasure chest, or a water element such as a glass of water). Keep the west well lit and noisy to activate this energy of prosperity coming from the west.

  • #9 Future Prosperity Star in the Northeast

Those born in the Ox and Tiger years will have many opportunities and wealth. This Northeast prosperity star also benefits the youngest son. Keep well lit and add symbols of wealth (wealth cabinet filled with symbols of wealth, wealth tree or vessel, 9 gold dragons) or a glass of water (water element) and a music box (metal element) to enhance this sector and to keep you focused and prevent distraction.

  • #2 Illness Star

Is located in the North, affecting those in homes or bedrooms facing the North, and the middle son. Take the appropriate measures to have remedies available, such as the salt cure (see link at #5 star above). Music box, metal windchimes, the Kwan Yin goddess of healing and compassion or religious symbol of God; metal Wu Lou (medicine gourd) can help. Keep dimly lit, quiet, and white. Other symbols for longevity include the deer or lingzhi mushroom.

  • #7 Loss Star

In the Northwest and affects all patriarchs including Fathers and leaders of businesses. If your house faces the Northwest, you must place effective remedies to protect your family against the loss of robbery and betrayal. To protect yourself from infidelity or cheating, place the water element in the NW (e.g. glass of water) and keep the area brightly lit. Other “cures” include Fu dogs (door guardians), elephants/rhino symbols, avoiding the red/fire element, or adding the traditional red-faced Kuan Kung. Ensure a good working burglary alarm.

We enjoyed sharing this fun information and wish you the best for 2021!

Gong Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year!


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