Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA), College and Clinic, was founded by a group of highly motivated teachers, students and administrators who sought to bring the ancient practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to Arizona through the creation of Arizona’s first educational program designed to meet nationally recognized standards in these fields. PIHMA was awarded candidacy for Accreditation in 2001, accreditation in May of 2004 and 7-year re-accreditation in 2012.

PIHMA is built on two major themes: quality and professional excellence. PIHMA’s faculty reflect these themes by bringing their expertise to teaching and demonstrating the highest professionalism. PIHMA’s innovative curriculum and the high caliber of students that PIHMA attracts are also representative of these themes.

iphone-touch-iconThe phoenix bird was selected as the emblem of PIHMA’s vision for several reasons. The phoenix is the bird in Egyptian mythology that lives for five centuries and then consumes itself by fire, later to come back to life renewed from its ashes to live another 500-year cycle. It is a symbol of continuity, strength, determination, wealth, immortality, hope, and re-born idealism. It also stands for unsurpassed excellence and beauty, as well as restoration. PIHMA believes that the mythology of the phoenix represents many of the concepts found in Oriental medicine and healing: the cycle of life, the goal of longevity, the rebirth of good health and balance after illness or disharmony, and the honoring of one’s inherent worth and majesty. Understanding the cycles of life in nature creates a better understanding of the cycles in one’s health and gives genuine hope for achieving a state of balance and wholeness. The phoenix also reflects the return of our culture to values of healing that take into consideration the whole person, that seek achievement of good health and longevity by prevention of disease or disharmony, and maintain respect for a person’s dignity. Upon completion of the graduate program at PIHMA it is believed that students will maintain these superior values of professionalism, competence and excellence in the field of Oriental medicine.

You are invited to join Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture in the study of Oriental medicine. Your education will be well-grounded in the practical and theoretical concepts of this ancient and effective system. Just as the fiery nature of the phoenix embodies the Oriental concept of the Heart/Fire element, PIHMA opens its doors to you to become a compassionate healer, serving others with an open heart.