Acupuncture Benefits Your Heart

Acupuncture for the HeartAs of 2018, over 30 million adults had been diagnosed with heart disease in America. 1 in 4 deaths is attributed to heart disease, making it the number one killer in the United States. Acupuncture can help!

People with heart disease have hearts that are always in a panicked state, causing stress on the already weakened heart. UCLA researchers have found that Acupuncture treatments can lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate, which helps the heart stay calm, taking it out of its panicked state.

Regular Acupuncture treatments can bring your body back into balance and reduce chronic stress. If someone in your family suffers from heart disease, you may want to try Acupuncture treatments as a preventative measure, to try and eliminate the symptoms that can lead to heart disease. Acupuncture can regulate your blood flow, stress-level, glucose-level, and lower your heart rate.

If you already suffer from heart disease, regular Acupuncture treatments can help you take your health back into your own hands. Acupuncture has a direct effect on your sympathetic nervous system and has shown reduced sympathetic nerve action in patients with advanced heart failure. Patients can also see a significant decrease in blood pressure with regular treatments.

Acupuncture is good for your heart! If you or someone you know has heart disease, please recommend Acupuncture. It can make a huge difference in their health, and potentially save them from being one of the 1 in 4 Americans that die from heart disease.

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