PIHMA aims to bring awareness to our community about the benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) through educational presentations. Businesses can include any of our presentations into their Workplace Wellness program, educational facilitators can add a presentation to their course schedule, and healthcare facilities can add an educational aspect to the services they already provide. Presentations can be accompanied with auricular acupuncture demonstrations or treatments. Below is a list of our most popular presentations, however, we can also tailor a presentation to your specific needs. To schedule a presentation, please contact Jonathan Lindsey at (602) 274-1885 or jlindsey@pihma.edu.


Staying Healthy Using Integrative/Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AOM) and other forms of healing have existed far longer than the western medicine we know today. AOM offers a more natural, holistic approach than traditional allopathic medicine. This presentation introduces you to the concepts behind this form of healing so you can take care of yourself and your family in an effective & low cost way. Acupuncture has been proven to elevate moods; reducing sick leave and hospital stays. Selected points and techniques will be taught for personal use.

A Different Perspective on Stress: What it Demands of Your Body
Stress creates many reactions in our bodies that affect the flow of our energy. Learn how to recognize, assess, and modify your stress levels through acupressure, herbs, Tai chi and Qigong. Prevention of stress helps stave off aging, disease, pain, and accidents. This presentation is a must for any busy work life. Specific techniques for stress reduction are also taught.

Acupressure Techniques for Health
Our bodies carry electrical/energetic pathways that can be used to remedy pain, colds & flus, weakness and fatigue, and other chronic ailments. By learning a few key points, one can have a handy set of “tools” for quick resolution of health problems, as well as a means for building longevity and better health.

Balance and Health
All of us struggle to lead balanced lives, but few of us rarely attain or maintain balance. In reality, balance is an illusion, because life actually flows in a circular, cyclical motion that can best be understood by studying nature and how it affects your energy. Based on the oldest form of thought and healing, this lecture presents ways in which you can attain “balance” in the ever-changing environment by learning to live in harmony with the seasons. Discussion of how to recognize patterns and how to eat in harmony with the seasons.

Feng Shui and Your Office
Large corporations hire Feng Shui experts to assess the energy flows in their workplace, and make adjustments to improve work conditions and finances. Learn about the different styles of Feng Shui, some basic principles, and how to find an authentic practitioner.

What “Diet” is Right for Me?
Despite all the types of diets promoted by various experts, there is no one right diet for all persons. Each person has a different set of conditions in their body, such that even among similar “body types”, there are differing dietary requirements. Learn how to assess certain conditions in your body, and what types of foods best fit your condition, needs, and goals.

Your Thoughts and How They Create Disease
Recognition that our thoughts create energy and redirect energy is one of the most profound influences on understanding of health and well-being. It also affects success in business and relationships, for as your thoughts affect your health, your responses to your environment are also compromised or enhanced. Oriental Medicine is based on these concepts, which western medicine is only starting to recognize and accept. This class gives you an understanding of yourself, your family, and co-workers. By understanding how thoughts affect disease, one can trace disease to its original thought form. Great presentation for parents, spouses, and co-workers.

Introduction to Oriental Medicine
This brief overview of the theories and concepts of Oriental Medicine includes an introduction to acupuncture, herbology, nutrition, bodywork, exercise and meditation. Provides an understanding of how this energy medicine, which is based on physics, addresses all types of health imbalances and how health can be restored through the use of these methods.

Acupuncture at the Office
Offering affordable acupuncture at the office is a fast growing trend among business owners interested in promoting the health & balance of their employees. PIHMA can send a team of highly trained individuals to provide affordable acupuncture treatments in a community setting. Regular acupuncture treatments keep the body’s immune system working at peak levels while decreasing stress. Treat your clients to the gift of acupuncture at the office.