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2 Day Advanced Trigger Point Needling for Lowback and Hips

“Dry needling may be one of the missing protocols in Acupuncture for addressing the tendino-muscular channel. Most if not all of the acupuncture literature states that this pathway of the body doesn’t have its own points, but may be addressed topically using various methods in order to elicit a therapeutic response. It think this system is amazing and quite effective in any situation where it may be indicated.”

Discounts: Students 50% (175 per day or 295 both) // Alumni $100.00 off (250 per day or 495 both)


This course is designed to prepare you in the auricular acupuncture method for treating addiction and withdrawal. Upon completion students can be certified by the National Association for Detoxification and Addiction (NADA) and work as detox specialists after obtaining appropriate licensing from the State. State certification pending.

Discount for Students 50% off.

Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis (20 CEUs)

Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Acutonics, Medical Astrologer

Coming 2020 – Japanese Acupuncture (CEUs 17.5)

Course Description: The practice of Chinese medicine, while based on similar principles and Herbal formulas, has evolved in its own unique approach in Japan. With its isolation from mainland China, and a different cultural system, the Japanese have developed different interpretations of acupuncture methodologies and the prescription of herbal formulas.