Acu-detox - (20 CEUs) Coming 2020

This cou rse is designed to prepare you in the auricular acupuncture method for treating addiction, digital addiction and withdrawals. Upon completion students can be certified by the Az State Board of Acupuncture and work as an ADS (Acu-detox Specialist). (20 CEUs) Discount for Students $50 off.

January 31, 2020
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
$595.00 $495.00


301 E Bethany Home Rd.   View map

      This course will provide the knowledge, skills and ability to:

Demonstrate via written and practical exam the 5-point auricular acupuncture protocol for addiction treatment using Clean Needle Technique.  While being able to perform at least 20 treatments in a 4 hour period using good point location and technique.

Explain the uses and limitations of acu-detox treatment while being able to demonstrate the respect, sensitivity and compassion required to work in the acu-detox field.

Demonstrate an understanding and comply with the limited scope of practice and other ethical principles of acu-detox.  While demonstrating the understanding of acu-detox’s role in relation and in conjunction to a larger addiction treatment team

Understand the communal treatment effect and maintain an appropriate atmosphere.  While demonstrating recognize the pyscho-spiritual nature of recovery and respect and support the clients internal process.

Demonstrate the ability to modify treatments appropriately and respond to “needle shock” should it occur and be able to write chart notes re. status, treatment given and response.

Demonstrate the understanding of addiction and the acu-detox protocol from the Chinese medicine perspective (Qi, yin/yang, empty fire),

                                                    Coming 2020

                                                      Fee $495.00

                                                Discounts: Student $50 off 

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