The Japanese perspective On Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies (CEUs 17.5)

Course Description: The practice of Chinese medicine, while based on similar principles and Herbal formulas, has evolved in its own unique approach in Japan. With its isolation from mainland China, and a different cultural system, the Japanese have developed different interpretations of acupuncture methodologies and the prescription of herbal formulas.

February 22, 2020
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
$495.00 $395.00



301 E Bethany Home Rd.   View map

Dr. Butch Levy is a medical doctor and apprentice of Miki Shima. He is one of few authorized to teach Miki Shima Form of medicine. Dr. Levy’s practice evolved from a traditional background in allopathic medicine. In the early 1990’s, he began his training in Chinese Medicine and was NCCAOM certified in 1995. He was one of few mentored by Dr. Miki Shima since 1992. His approach reflects a Japanese approach to herbs and acupuncture, Integrating with Western, Chinese and Functional Medicine.

He writes and teaches more extensively and is currently teaching seminars on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, The Art of Kampo and Integrative Oncology.


Dates: February 22nd & 23rd, 2020

(CEUs 17.5)


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