Faculty Feature: Dr. Solos

Dr. Ioannis Solos

Ioannis Solos Ph.D., MM., BSc., MD (China)., L.Ac, holds a Master’s of Medicine in Traditional Diagnosis from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and a Medical Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine from the Jinan University in Guangzhou. Dr. Solos is an established scholar with numerous peer-reviewed articles, books and related publications. He is currently serving in the editorial boards of several academic journals and is involved in numerous committees for the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. In the clinic he practices Jing Fang, Neuro-Acupuncture, martial lineage acupuncture, and his personalized style of “tendon and fascia reconditioning manipulations for bone and joint disease”. His main academic focus is the research on the application of traditional tongue diagnosis in historical and modern epidemics. He is currently employed as Research Director, Clinical Supervisor and Faculty for the Foundation for PIHMA Research and Education.  At PIHMA he teaches Integrative Clinical Diagnosis and Integrative Case Management at the Doctoral level.

What is one thing that you want students to know about your classes?

Sometimes you need to listen, sometimes you need to speak. But you should always come with an open mind, be ready to discuss and share experiences, learn from each other, research new knowledge, keep what you find useful, and discover your own direction in medicine and academia.

What is one of the most valued things you like about acupuncture and oriental medicine?

Traditional medicine is a balancing medicine and a philosophy of life. If you can grasp how the medicine thinks, then you can live it. And this is what people will seek you out for eventually.

What is your most favorite quote or reading that is related to your teachings?

“Stay diagnostic even as you take action.”  ― Ronald Heifetz

What is one piece of advice you would say to a new student at PIHMA?

Meticulously explore the basics. In all the Chinese arts, the master of the basics is the master of the art.