Here are all of the answers to PIHMA’s most frequently asked academics questions! If you have any other questions or concerns please call 602-274-1885 and we will be happy to speak with you.

What do I need to complete to become a Licensed Acupuncturist?

First, you will need to complete your degree program, then you will need to pass the NCCAOM Exam and Licensure.

For more information on the cost and process of taking the national board exams please click here.

Where do Licensed Acupuncturists work?

There are many medical businesses that are beginning to hire acupuncturists. For example, Cancer Centers of America and Mayo Clinic hire acupuncturists for their patients. Modern Acupuncture, pain relief centers, and the VA hire acupuncturists as well.

Many LAc’s open their own clinic or practice.

How much do Licensed Acupuncturists earn?

Annual earnings of Licensed Acupuncturists vary. National salary information can be found here.

How long is the program?

All of our programs are designed to be completed in four years, but you have a maximum of six years to complete the MSAC/ DAC and eight years to complete the MSOM/ DACHM.

How much does PIHMA cost?

For a full breakdown of tuition and other costs please click here.

For more information on financial aid please click here.

How do I pay for my degree?

Tuition and fees are due by the first day of the semester. You can pay with your own money, financial aid, or VA Educational benefits.

If you pay with your own money or credit cards, the semester registration fee of $300 is due when you register for classes. The remainder tuition and fees are due by the first day of the semester. If you pay all at once, before the semester begins, the fee for using a credit card is waived.

PIHMA offers a monthly payment plan. There is a flat fee of 6.78% added to the tuition and fees due. The total amount is divided into five equal payments. Cash or checks are preferred for monthly payments. If you use a credit card a 2.6% monthly fee is added to the payment.