PIHMA College and Clinic is a SARA participating institution. The Arizona SARA Council has jurisdiction over Arizona SARA-approved institutions in relation to non-instructional complaints. Instructional complaints, such as grade grievances, are not reviewed by the Council and should not be submitted for review. Distance education students who reside in SARA states (see list of SARA states at nc-sara.org), may file a non-instructional complaint with the Arizona SARA council. However, non-instructional complaints may only be filed with SARA after student’s have first utilized PIHMA’s appeal process (see PIHMA College Grievance and Complaint Procedures below) and the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education’s complaint process. Non-instructional complaints may be submitted to AZ-SARA via azsara.arizona.edu/complaints.

Complaint Procedure

Students who want to express an opinion of dissatisfaction in matters related to a PIHMA College policy may do
so by submitting a signed and dated complaint, in writing, to the Director of Administration. Complaints may be
submitted via email to accommodate students who are enrolled in distance learning classes.

Grievance Procedure and Due Process Guidelines

The procedures below are general due process guidelines for handling alleged violations of the general conduct
regulations or student code of ethics. Appropriate college personnel will first consult with the student to resolve
such problems; the options open to the student and the college range from discussion, guidance, mediation,
tutoring, referrals for evaluation, referrals for counseling and therapy. Breach of contract for nonpayment of
fees is not subject to these procedural guidelines; termination is automatic.

Students who have a grievance should follow the following process:

  • If the grievance is with a faculty member, the student must first attempt to resolve the matter with the person
    who they hold the grievance, including a faculty member. Similarly, if it is with a fellow student or a staff
    member, the student should first attempt to resolve the matter with that individual.
  • If the conflict cannot be resolved in Step 1, the student should notify the appropriate Manager in the following

    • Clinic Issues: Front Desk Manager, or Clinic Dean, or Director of Administration
    • Fellow Students, Academics Issues, Academic conduct, Code of Ethics, Academic Misconduct
      Issues: Academic Dean (see Code of Conduct in this Catalog)
    • Grade Dispute: Instructor and/or Academic Dean
    • General Conduct Issues, Discrimination or Harassment Complaints, Complaints about
      PIHMA Employees, and Facilities Complaints: Director of Administration
  • Each grievance will be reviewed and discussed with an emphasis on an informal resolution with the party
    that has filed the grievance. Resolution or further steps will be agreed upon by the manager contacted and
    the student who has filed the grievance.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved at this level, the matter may proceed with formal proceedings. See PIHMA
    catalog for additional resolution steps.

Distance Learning Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students

PIHMA College and Clinic desires to resolve student grievances, complaints, and concerns in an expeditious, fair, and amicable manner. Students residing outside the state of Arizona who desire to resolve a grievance regarding any PIHMA College and Clinic distance learning course should follow the College’s Grievance Procedure as outlined in the College catalog.