Library Vision:

The National Library of Traditional Medicine is dedicated to building, archiving, and preserving collections and artifacts that advance cultural, energetic, and integrated medicine.

About the Library:

Located in Central Phoenix, the National Library of Traditional Medicine, or NLTM, is a non-profit research library and resource center. The Library promotes education and interest in the “cross-cultural” development of modern technology to foster new cures for disease, improve methods of healing and lifestyle, and bridge the gap between mind/spirit and work/technology. The Library houses collections from five main categories of medicine:

-Asian Medicine & Acupuncture
-Homeopathic Medicine
-Integrative Medicine
-Mind, Body & Spirit Medicine
-Native & Indigenous Medicine
Library Goals:

  • To provide resources and education in traditional medicine to member colleges and local communities
  • To match library facilities, resources and services to the particular needs and interests of member colleges, their students, faculty, and the community
  • To provide informational, educational, and cultural materials in diverse forms for the enrichment, self-development, and enjoyment of library users, and to organize these materials for optimum use
  • To provide a knowledgeable, well trained, and responsive staff to maintain a high level of service
  • To make students, faculty, and community aware of their Library’s resources and services
  • To cooperate actively with other libraries and community agencies in order to share resources and broaden the scope of the Library’s services

Link to NLTM’s website: National Library of Traditional Medicine