TeleHealth & In-Person Pricing

We provide Asian Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal) & Homeopathy In-person and Telehealth consultations and treatments. We can help address any health issue or comprehensive health assessment, as well as prevention and support for the seasonal flu. Whether you come in for a COVID-prepped visit (we will require a mask and interview as to COVID precautions) or decide to opt for our new Telmedicine/Telehealth sessions, we are excited to see you!

Even if you choose an Asian Medicine telehealth consultation instead of coming for an acupuncture treatment, we can still provide support from any of the other 5 branches of Asian medicine: Diet and nutrition, herbal therapies, exercise and movement, acupressure and self-massage, and meditation and mindfulness. A combination of these modalities can be a strong force in staying healthy. These telehealth services are conducted via ZOOM’s video-conferencing platform. Based on your symptoms and our assessment, we will show you how to use acupressure points, exercises, stretches and self-massage. We will also recommend foods, spices, supplements and herbs based on Asian medical principles. And finally, we can provide meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Our Homeopathy Telemedicine sessions can address both Acute and Constitutional conditions.  Homeopathy has a long history of being effective, safe and cost-effective.

Treatment and Consultation times are available Monday through Saturday in between 9am to 5pm.

Telemedicine Session times are: 9:30 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM and 2 PM.  After booking and pre-paying for your appointment, you will be sent an email link to join the session just before the start of the session. Have a mirror and flashlight handy to facilitate tongue diagnosis if needed. Fill out paperwork in advance at our website,, at our Clinic page.  (

PIHMA Community Clinic Pricing

PIHMA’s teaching clinic provides consultation and treatments with a team of Licensed Acupuncturists and Certified Homeopathic Practitioners with a student intern and/or observer. This highly qualified team can address a wide variety of conditions, and can work as part of your overall healthcare approach. PIHMA also hosts other professionals, many of whom are faculty or alumni. For those appointments and rates, please call the front desk at 602-274-1878. For the community clinic, pricing is as follows:

Acupuncture & Asian/Herbal Medicine Treatments and Consultations

Traditional full body Acupuncture (consultation and treatment) or Herbal Only Consultation

  • $55 for Initial visit (1.5 hours)
  • $35  Follow-up visit (1 hour)
  • Package of 5 visits: $150
  • Senior Citizens and Veterans: Initial visit $44, Follow-up $28, Package of 5  is $125

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture (specific 5-needle ear treatment for stress, PTSD, addiction recovery, insomnia and more)

$15 ( or package of 5 for $60). Generally drop-in on Tuesday and Fridays; appointment suggested.

Homeopathy Consultations 

• $75 Acute care (current special at $45 + $5 remedy); Follow up visit $35
• $85 In-depth, full-life Constitutional care; Follow up visit $45

To schedule your personal session, call 602-274-1878, or schedule your appointment online below!

Limited spots available per day.

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Our clinic is reopening to in-person visits on Saturday, June 13th. For those wishing to remain self-quarantined, we will continue to offer TeleHealth Consultation Sessions in Asian Medicine and Homeopathy. Schedule by phone (602-274-1885) or online below.