Acupuncture Experience - March 9 2019

Acupuncture Experience – March 9 2019


Immerse yourself in the world of the practicing acupuncturist. Explore tools of the trade and learn secrets of becoming a healer of lives.



A unique event immersing attendees in the world of the practicing acupuncturist

This 2 hour, one of a kind event is perfect for anyone curious about the internal workings of the art and science of acupuncture. Attendees will have the hands on opportunity to experience the tools of the trade, to learn some of the medical theory behind acupuncture, and even partake in an intake and evaluation of a mock patient.

Set up throughout the beautiful grounds of the PIHMA campus, this discovery experience will shine a light one of the fastest growing forms of medicine.

Explore Tools & Techniques

As you move through PIHMA’s beautiful campus grounds you will find many of the tools and techniques used in acupuncture, among them:
•    Tui na (acupressure)
•    Cupping
•    Gua Sha
•    Acupuncture needles
•    Herbal Formula preparation
•    Patient Diagnosis Methods (pulse and tongue assessment)


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