Unlocking Mysteries of TCM in Your First Semester

Learn about Qi from Instructor, Sami Rank

My name is Sami Rank, L.Ac. and I have been teaching at PIHMA for over 5 years. I teach many subjects, including herbal medicine, advanced techniques, beginning classes such as Point Location, and the “how-to” class, Materials and Methods. The latter class is probably everybody’s favorite because students get hands-on time to experience all the fun stuff (caution: sharp objects and flame-throwing are involved!)   

Point location is the class where we unlock the mystery of meridians, which construct the map of qi flow in the body. I love the first class because, in the beginning, everyone’s gaze is like a deer in headlights and they wonder if they’ll ever be able to get this stuff. However, by the end of the first class, students are actually able to find their first set of points!  

I have over 20 years’ experience locating points and studying the pathway of qi. What I have learned through my practice of Chinese Medicine is that people who have a practice of qi gong, yoga, meditation are the ones who tend to respond fastest to treatment. I describe the healing effects of acupuncture on practitioners of meditation in this way: it’s like teaching a child to ride a bike; at first, you have to hold on to them, but as soon as they get the hang of it, they just take off on their own. 

Students at PIHMA will learn qi gong and tai chi. This will benefit their own healing journey, and the flow of their qi through the meridians, which is key to what students will be learning across their degree program. May students enjoy the journey of a lifetime in these classes!