Faculty Feature: Krissi Holder

Fun Facts

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Color: Green

Any Pets?: Bruce, Haldor, Hobo

Favorite Movie/TV Show: The Three Amigos

Hobbies: Fishing, Golf, Tennis, Hiking

College: University of Arizona

Any other Fun Facts we should know?:  I am launching a new product line, Stoned Medicine.  It is a fusion, of stones/crystals, CBD, and herbal medicine.

Krissi Holder

PIHMA Faculty

I am a native Arizonan & so is my husband.  We reside in historic downtown Phoenix with our daughter Mathilde, two dogs Hobo & Bruce, and our friendly desert tortoise named Haldor.  My father is an Osteopathic Doctor, specializing in Family Medicine and has had his practice since 1980.  I started working at his practice at a very young age and continued throughout high school.  I just loved to see him work, watching the wheels in his brain spin as he diagnosed and treated a variety of ailments – emotional & physical.  Over the years I was able to watch how his patients eventually became our extended family and I ALWAYS wanted to follow in his footsteps and become an Osteopathic Doctor.  He talked me out of osteopathic medical school at least 50 times.  This was around the time when insurance companies were really starting to morph from non-profit to for-profit corporations which we have today.  I didn’t really understand at the time, but now I thank him every chance that I have because now I am a different type of Doctor, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and I still have a practice like the one that he had when I was 13.  I get to spend time with my patients and help them with their issues and now they really have become my extended family as well.

What do you teach and how long have you been at PIHMA?

This is my first-semester teaching classes at PIHMA.  I currently co-teach Herb Theory 2A & 2B (HBT502A & HBT502B) with Scott Anderson.  Scott was my teacher for herbs 10-12 years ago at PIHMA so it is just a dream come true to be co-teaching with him.  He truly has a talent for making the herbs come to life and tremendous dedication when it comes to creating materials that paint a clear picture of single herbs and formulae.  My practice, tBird Medicinal Herbs & Acupuncture, has been affiliated with PIHMA for quite some time as an approved internship facility.  I really enjoy having interns and teaching in a clinical setting.  I currently have an opening if there are any students out there that are interested in hands-on experience with Practice Management, Chinese Herbs, and Acupuncture.

What is one thing that students like about your class?

We have a full Chinese herbal pharmacy tBird Med.  We also have a rather extensive inventory of granules and patent herbs.  I think that the students really enjoy it when I do demonstrations in the pharmacy.  I really enjoy showing them the tools that we use and what it looks like when a formula comes together.  I hope it helps to make the herbs come to life for them!   It must be challenging for all of the students right now with remote learning.  I try to create space and time for break-out groups in class.  I think that they enjoy having the time to interact with fellow students and work on case studies together.

What do you want students to know about Acupuncture?

I want them to know that this medicine absolutely changes lives for the better!  I also want them to look at the research.  We live in an amazing time! There is this ocean of research pertaining to our medicine and it is right under our fingertips.  Acupuncture has been shown in studies to increase neurotransmitters in the brain, regulate the immune, gastro, and hormonal systems, decrease pain through the neuro-immune system, effect the body’s own ability to produce opioids, release adenosine which is analgesic, and so many other wonderful and amazing things!