Faculty Feature: Matt Smith

Faculty Feature Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Fun Facts

Favorite Food: Pho- if you bring me a good Pho Dac Biet, we might as well become best friends…

Favorite Color: Green

Any Pets?: My two dogs Rebbie (English Staffordshire Bull Terrier) & Cielo (Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher)

Favorite Movies: Eat, Pray, Love, Ratatouille, Avatar

TV Show:  How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Avatar The Last Airbender

Hobbies: Powerlifting & Outdoor Activities

College: Stonehill College (BA), Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (MSOM), Pacific College of Health & Science (DACM, MSHHP)

Any other Fun Facts we should know?: I love talking about strength & conditioning in combination with TCM & holistic health practices. This combination has led me to many powerlifting records including the IPL Squat World Record in 2019.

Any other Fun Facts we should know?: I love home remodeling!

Matt Smith

PIHMA Faculty

I was born and raised just south of Boston in Mansfield, MA. I am a bit of a jack of all trades as a holistic athlete coach, TCM practitioner, and artist. Before I first began teaching at PIHMA in 2019 I was an elementary school teacher in Santa Fe, NM. I always wanted to eventually become a professor and was glad to become a part of the PIHMA faculty when I was given the opportunity.

What is one thing that you want students to know about your classes?

Everything I teach I try to relate to everyday life. My class teaching style is discussion-based so everyone is encouraged to participate. It makes our classes more engaging and unique each time. I like to have my students help form the class discussions rather than having only myself do all the talking!

What is one of the most valued things you like about acupuncture and oriental medicine?

The more I have been studying and practicing TCM, the more powerful it seems to become. It is a medicine that takes a lifetime to truly master and there are always different ways to approach health/disease. This is not only medicine but rather a mastery of medical science combined with artistic beauty; it is holistic medicine at its finest.

What is your most favorite quote or reading that is related to your teachings?

A Tooth From The Tiger’s Mouth by Tom Bisio.

Any advice for your students?

Be ready to see some beautiful changes come into your life through the application and practice of your education.