Why Try Acupuncture

Why Try Acupuncture?

Illnesses are caused by an imbalance which acupuncture can treat by using needles at specific points in the body to restore balance.

Acupuncture is an essential piece of traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for over 3,000 years. Acupuncturists study the Qi (pronounced “chi”) of the body, which is a circulating life force with a balance of positive and negative forms. To achieve good health, one’s Qi must be in balance. The Qi runs through and emanates from meridians in the body that are accessible through hundreds of acupuncture points. These points can trigger the body’s natural pain killers and rebalance Qi.

Young woman getting acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture Treats Illnesses

The World Health Organization has identified Acupuncture as an effective treatment for the following illnesses:

Acute and chronic gastritis

Acute bacillary dysentery

Acute epigastralgia

Allergic rhinitis,

Biliary colic

Breech birth presentation

Dental pain


Essential hypertension

Facial pain

Hay fever


Induction of labor

Knee pain


Low back pain

Morning sickness

Nausea and vomiting

Neck pain

Peptic ulcer

Peri-arthritis of the shoulder

Postoperative pain

Primary dysmenorrhea

Primary hypotension

Radiation/chemo reactions

Renal colic

Rheumatoid arthritis




Tennis elbow

Temporomandibular Joint

If you or someone you know has any of these health issues or any other health concerns, please schedule an appointment today.

During Your Appointment

A PIHMA acupuncturist/intern will use points on the body to treat your specific symptoms and make recommendations for your health. Since everybody is different it is important to have a plan that is tailored to you! For more information on what your first acupuncture appointment is like click here.